Friday, October 2, 2009

Shibori dying class

I haven’t done any fabric dying in 15 years! One Sunday in September I got together with friends and shared what I remembered about shibori fabric dying techniques. It was a lot of fun, some beautiful fabrics were produced and a lot of inspiration for future projects.

Clamps, PVC pipes, rubber bands and glass marbles were used to tie up our fabrics.

Arashi shibori - silk scarf wrapped around PVC pipe, one tied with twine the other rubber bands.

Silk scarf being tied up with marbles

Roz ties ‘spider web’ design onto silk fabric

Silk scarf rubber banded, clamped and ready for dying

Preparing dye bath for arashi tied silk scarves

Preparing smaller dye baths for clamped and tied scarves

In the bath it goes

Checking on the color, good deep purple, exactly what we wanted

Pulling off the rubber bands
The results from wrapping and rubber banding to a pole
Washing out a clamped and rubber banded piece
Subtle color variation on silk chiffon, while bound the scarf was dipped one side in purple the other side in turquoise dye
Marbles were tied up in this scarf and then wax was dripped in the places where the marbles were leaving the white spots.

Silk and rayon velvet scarf arashi dyed. This piece was allowed to be in the dye for 24 hours for this deep color.

Cotton and poly blend fabric pleated and clamped. The light area was dipped into wax before dying. The color is pale due to the polyester the dye we used does not color polyester.

Folded clamped and tied poly cotton blend fabric.

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