Thursday, June 18, 2009

Initial Post

Not being a writer by nature starting a blog has been a long time coming. In this blog I will be sharing my creative thoughts and ideas, techniques and inspirations, knowledge and discoveries, rants and raves and general thoughts. Oh and probably bird stories after all how could I help it.

Being a self-representing artist, jewelry designer and freethinker I view life differently than others, enjoying an unconventional life style, choosing to live on no set schedule, rather going by the rhythm of life. I sell my work on line on Etsy (see 'About Me' for shop name and web addresses) and through a variety of retail/galley venues. This means I have a VERY flexible schedule, can do much of my work from any location but also means I have to be self-motivated and disciplined. I 'work' more hours now than I did during my corporate incarnation; they are far more enjoyable hours now.

My posts will likely be short and sweet, I am usually not long on words but rather get to the point.

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