Thursday, June 18, 2009

The Intention of Peace

Could giving the intention of peace through a hand folded origami peace dove ornament, or any other means, really change the world? Last fall an international intention experiment was put together by Lynne McTaggart (more information can be found at This experiment was conducted over a week. Every day at the same time around the world people were asked to send intentions of peace to Sri Lanka. The energy I felt during participation in this experiment was palpable. Now after 25 years of civil war the fighting in Sri Lanka appears to be over... So what are the powers of our intentions? Visit Lynne's site to learn more about the research and experimentation regarding intentions.

The creation of the origami peace dove ornament began with a much larger idea. An installation of origami doves, each one folded from paper printed with a country flag of the world. Of course to pull this project off I would need to print my own paper with the images of the flags. As the process began I made the decision to include territory flags that were unique from their mother country. All in all there were just over 250 unique flags to print onto paper and to fold into doves. Using 2 different web sites I obtained downloads of all the flags. Once in the computer documents were created with each flag image, the image resized and then repeated across the sheet then printed. These sheets of paper were then cut into squares and folded into doves. This was no small task. The doves were then strung on long strands with beads ending with small globes. These doves measured about 4" in length. These were installed in Holy Click gallery, Phoenix, AZ in the spring of 2006. Subsequently I created a mobile with the origami doves being about 1.5" in length. Creating a smaller piece not needing nearly as much space to display(photo to right). After that the idea of folding origami doves from paper printed with all the flags on one sheet came about. I created this paper next and began producing these Peace Dove Ornaments. I have offered this item in my Etsy shop, QuietMind, for a year now and have had numerous orders. Several buyers requested the ornament be sent to an alternate party as a gift. Including a note or card on the buyers behalf. Then came the next turn in evolution of this product; now the buyer can select one of three card designs, have the card inscribed as they wish and the wrapped ornament with card sent as a gift any where in the world, thus giving the intention of peace.

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