Saturday, July 4, 2009

Origami Spinning Star Ornament

These origami star mobile ornaments have been a very popular item and a lot of fun to make. With some basic jewelry making supplies/tools, beads, origami paper and cutting tool you have all you need. I have taught several classes on how to make these and now will share the process here. For this project you will need:

Origami paper

Lightweight paper board

Craft knife of scissors


Anchor bead/pendant


Bead wire

Crimp beads

Crimp pliers or pin nose pliers

Wire cutters

Non wrinkling paper glue

Pen or pencil

In this demonstration I am using 150mm x 150mm origami paper I have cut into quarters.

Begin with folding 5 points for your origami star. See Folding Origami Star post for direction on folding the points to your star. Do not assemble begin with step one below.

Take one of the points you just folded; use it to trace the shape you will cut out of paperboard for reinforcement, see photos. Use the first point as a template to cut the remaining 4 inserts.

Fold all paperboard points in half

Layer a paperboard point inside the flaps on one point as shown.

Place the next point over the paperboard. Spread glue on interior point.
Fold flaps over.

Repeat this step until all 5 points are joined.

Cut a 10” length of bead wire string crimp bead, anchoring bead and seed bead onto wire. Bring tail of wire up through ancho bead and crimp bead leaving a 1/2" tail, crimp.

String on about 1" of decorative beads.
String origami star onto wire through hole at center.
String on seed bead and crimp bead - seed bead to prevent crimp bead from falling into star - crimp. This will keep the weight of the beads above the model from crushing it or prevent it fom spinning.
Sting on a few more inches of beads leaving a 3" tail. Sting on crimp bead.
String between an inch to an inch and a half of beads. Bring tail back through crimp bead pull tight and crimp.
Finished ornament.

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