Friday, July 10, 2009

Phoenix Heat - July 10th update

Busy and hot week here in Phoenix. With temprature prediction being 110 and above for the next few days I will be staying inside folding paper and bending wire to make more of my newest origami ornaments.

These are receiving wonderful comments. When my friend, fellow Etsian and Conspire cooperative art gallery artist, Michelle Dittrich , first encountered one of the ornaments she said “I became a cat” as she entertained herself by spinning the star with her index finger. Lynn at the Southwest Gardener smiled with delight when she first saw one and asked how soon could she have some for her shop. Well I spent the evening folding and bending, now there some on display under the umbrella by the register. If you go to Southwest Gardener tell Lynn I said HI and she will give you $1.00 discount if you buy two of my ornaments. Can’t get to Southwest Gardner? Stop by my Etsy shop buy two ornaments, mention this blog post in message to seller on check out and I will refund you $1.00. …Curious about seeing the ornament in action? See below.

More excitement in Phoenix this week! I got my first Phxbux! Phxbux is local currency that was kicked off on July 4th in the downtown Phoenix area. When purchasing something from a participating merchant you can request your change in Phxbux, your bux then can be spent at participating merchants for a discount. Local jewelry artisans are casting this local currency. You can read more about them and the bux at

Now I'm off for something cool to drink and get to production.

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