Monday, July 12, 2010

The Buddhas in and Around My House

I was sitting on my patio this morning gazing at the beautiful spinach green Ho Tai Buddha hiding in the over growth of my garden. Then I decided to take a photograph of him to share here along with the other Buddha's and alters I have in my home/studio.

This Hi Tai sits by my pond with his happy smile greeting anyone that comes to visit.

Kwan Yin occupies the far side of the garden, she stands among the herbs, peppers and egg plants.
On the far side of the pond is the Naga Buddha, the Naga is the seven headed cobra that is the guardian of the Buddha and water ways, that is why he sits where he does.
This alter with a Ho Tai and 2 seated Buddhas is on a shelf over the door to my kitchen. Complete with crystals a pagoda and origami flowers. Yes I did the origami.
The three immortals (the small gold statues) sit in front of a Burmese Buddha seated on a lotus blossom. This alter is over the door to my living room, you pass under it to enter and exit my house. 

Crystals, Ho Tai, Thai Buddha charms and Kwan Yin head, a detail of an alter in my living/studio space.

An Indonesian Buddha carved from wood, this Buddha my partner and I purchased together shortly before his passing. It now sits atop the alter I have set up in his memory.
A standing Thai Buddha and an alabaster Burmese Buddha placed on another alter in my living/studio space.

The small gold statue is the Chama, she is from the Bon tradition, behind her is my all time favorite deity from the pantheon of Hindu deities Ganesha. This alter had Zuni animal fetishes, a carved quartz skull and other items.

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  1. Wonderful photos. We also have some Buddha figures in our garden. Such serenity!Your collection is fantastic.