Thursday, July 1, 2010

Mantras are taking over my life – Part II

I have been asked by several friends to teach them mantra practice since posting my original blog on this subject. This has turned into me hosting a weekly chanting meditation session Thursday evening at my home here in central Phoenix.

We have been meeting for several weeks now and participants have been reporting to me that they find themselves remaining clam in normally upsetting situations since taking up chanting meditation practice. Another reports she has had the money for several ‘extra’ items in her life as well as able to cover some unexpected expenses, she has chosen to focus her practice on abundance.

In each session I go over how to use your mala (prayer beads). What the mantras (prayers) we will be chanting mean and how to do a mantra practice.

Our Thursday evening sessions have been as small as three participants and as many as nine. From these sessions I have come to lead a monthly chanting meditation session as part of Angel’s Serenity’s stress less Tuesday series. June was our first meeting, there were six participants, no one had chanted before. The session was amazing as always the participants were amazed at the sense of calm and relaxation they achieved with only 30 minutes of chanting and I have been contacted by two participants since telling me they have taken up a daily practice and are feeling relaxed and calmer with just a few days practice under their belts.

Now the ball keeps rolling. I am being asked to begin sessions on other days of the week and to lead chanting for some workshops and other events and take the practice into other venues here in the Phoenix area.

Where will this lead in the end, I don’t know. I am very pleased with the number of people I have been able to chant with and how many of them have taken up this practice as a daily part of their lives. If someone told me a year ago I would be leading chanting meditation sessions I would have thought they were crazy.

If you are in Phoenix come to a chanting meditation session. You just may be amazed too.

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