Friday, July 9, 2010

Chakra Mantrah piece in progress

I am working on a new piece on architectural vellum that measures 24" x 36". This piece will incorporate the Sanskrit symbol for the 7 major chakras in the body each 'ringed' 9 times with the seed sound associated with that chakra. This drawing is being done the sacred geometric grid of the first level of consciousness. I do all the writing on this by hand.

Through sacred geometry all consciousness exists. I will be creating pieces like this and others in sacred geometric form for a show this August at Sapna Cafe on Grand Ave in Phoenix and for Yoga Breeze in Cave Creek, AZ. See older posts with other sacred geometric drawings.

First level of consciousness grid in pencil on paper with vellum laid over.

Root chakra ~ 3 rings of 'Lam' the seed sound of the root chakra

The first 2 chakras with the seed sound written around the symbol.

The first 4 chakras completed


  1. Brian, I really like your new sacred artwork. Even the works in progress are stunning.